Films, Filters and more!

Laser Micromachining PEEK (polyetheretherketone) Films

High Performance SemiCrystalline PEEK (polyetheretherketone) films are drawing interest within the industrial marketplace. PEEK has the characteristics of a versatile high performance film such as a high dielectric property, resistance to chemical corrosion, withstands higher operating temperatures and it’s one of the most thermally stable thermoplastics out on the market.

Filtration device made from PEEK film. Holes 100+/-5 microns

The material has a variety of uses and applications from fabrication of industrial machines, medical devices, medical implants, electronic devices, scientific instruments, chemical processing as well as oil and gas industries. In the biomedical field it is quickly closing in as a competitor to stainless steel in the use of implants where material strength and toughness prevents wear and tear inside the body with low potential risk.

PEEK Filters

Gateway Laser Services has a laser micromachining method for manufacturing small parts with extremely high precision. Filters which must function in high temperature or corrosive environments may be fabricated out of PEEK film as the material of choice. Such filters are often designed as small-hole arrays laser drilled in specific patterns as called for by design. The laser drilled apertures can be as small as just a few microns. PEEK filters display excellent edge quality without burring.

Seals & Gaskets

In the fabrication of seals and gaskets PEEK has become a material of choice as a high performance polymer for industrial applications. It’s superior combination of properties such as displays outstanding mechanical performance in high or low temperatures as well as water or steam, it is highly resistant to wear or fatigue, and great hydrolysis resistance makes it very attractive to industries.

The future for laser micromachining PEEK material for biomedical applications is very bright. PEEK competes with stainless steel and other metals as a material used for implants; its strength and toughness prevents wear and tear inside the body with low potential risk. Laser micromachining for medical implants is almost a must when dimensional accuracies are tightly tolerance.

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